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Real Estate

Why Have an Attorney
Transferring parcels of land is complicated. It is not as simple as buying a car or any other piece of property. It is incredibly important to make sure the transaction is done properly to ensure you actually own what you paid for!
Services Offered
The Law Offices of Paul Younger can prepare deeds, contracts, leases, easements, like kind tax exchanges and any other document you need to complete your land transaction.
OTHER Real Estate Services
The Law Offices of Paul Younger can also set up LLCs to hold real estate investments, create custom partnership agreements for investments with multiple investors, assist with creating leases and sales contracts, and any other documents you need for a real estate transaction.

Transferring Real Estate

If you are buying or selling real estate in a commercial or retail transaction, then it is highly recommended you use title insurance and a closing company. But if you want to
transfer property you own to a family member, an LLC you own, or your Trust, then that can be done by our office by drafting and filing a deed to transfer the property.


Leases and Evictions

  • We can prepare template leases that you can use for all your residential rental property needs. We also prepare commercial leases customized to your transaction.
  • We also handle evictions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Usually, a tenant can be evicted in a couple of weeks.


Title Issues and Survey Disputes

  • If the title company discovers a problem in the chain of title on a property you are buying or selling, we can take whatever steps are necessary to clear the issue from the chain of title and get you marketable title to the property.
  • We also handle situations where there is a discrepancy between the legal description and the survey (for example if the survey reveals your neighbor’s fence is actually on your property).


Whether it’s business or personal legal needs, we can handle it.