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Criminal Defense


Role of the Attorney

criminal defense photoThe attorney’s primary role in Criminal Defense cases is to ensure that his client is treated fairly, that the State has followed the law in the arrest and procedure, and to help the client understand the legal process.

  • Additionally, a good attorney can assist you in investigating aspects of the case that may find evidence that supports your side of the case.
  • While the majority of criminal cases end in a plea bargain, when a case goes to trial, an experienced defense attorney is a must.
  • Since the majority of cases end in a plea bargain, an attorney that has a good working relationship with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and can present you to the Prosecutor as a person and not just another case is essentially in ensuring you get the best deal possible.

When should I hire a defense attorney?

If you have been arrested, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The more time we have to work on the case, the more that can be done. The day before Court is not the time to hire an attorney!

If you realize you are a suspect in a criminal investigation, you need to hire an attorney immediately. This is the crucial stage in large cases and the evidence, statements, and actions you take during this period cannot be taken back later. Many large cases are won or lost in the investigation stage and its crucial to have an attorney working for you as soon as you realize you might be a suspect. Hiring an attorney at this stage will not “make you look guilty”, even police officers have an attorney present if they are being investigated!

Who should I hire?

Hiring an attorney is like buying a car, you shouldn’t necessarily buy the first car you test drive. Meet with a few attorneys and hire one that makes you feel comfortable and that you think you can work with.

Cost is always a factor, but remember that you usually get what you pay for and the cheapest attorney is probably not the one you want. That being said, just because an attorney charges more, doesn’t mean he or she is necessarily better. Try to hire the attorney you feel most comfortable with and you think will do the most for you, regardless of cost.

Nothing is ever certain in legal proceedings and avoid any attorney that makes promises about the outcome of a case before he or she knows all the facts. Even then, few things in the practice of law are certain, so beware of any attorney making promises that sound too good to be true.

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